1. Static
    Keep it loose like Tubbs but don't you dare drop any ritzy bits on your pristine white ensemble.
  2. Static
    Yellow looks, like Sapphire's, always get you noticed. Remember to keep your purse small.
  3. Static
    You can't have Sapphire without Jeeves and his look is actually more achievable. Monocle not needed.
  4. Static
    Olivia Palermo and Xerxes share more than an affinity for a colorful skirt and blank expression, they both have very popular blogs with lifestyle channels in development.
  5. Static
    Go sporty with stripes like Joe DiMeowgio.
  6. Static
    Make it camo for a Chairman Meow look.
  7. Static
    Senor Don Gato chose maroon while the fashionista chose green. She clearly followed Coco Chanel's advice about the hat, "Once you've dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off."
  8. Static
    Another fashionista who didn't fall victim to the look book of Billy the Kitten and left the hat at home.
  9. Static
    These lovely ladies know to break out the flowing silky robes if you want to get the Kathmandu effect.
  10. Static
    If you want to be an adventurer like Bob you have to carry a backpack.
  11. Static
    Mr. Meowgi's laid-back, comfortable style is always manageable, just choose blue pieces to layer.
  12. Static
    Lady-like with sanitary white accessories stolen from the catwalk of Sassy Fran. Tray chic!!!
  13. Static
    A subtle nod to Lady Meow Meow with the shades and off the shoulder look.
  14. Static
    Plunder Bengal Jack's pirate inspired look. Red shoes are a nod to his treasure chest. The lesson here is hats are out, sunglasses in and leave your sword at home.
  15. Clearly my Neko Atsume obsession is still in full effect.