Inspired by @shanaz thanks I really needed to clean out my purse
  1. Books
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  2. Walking around money
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    In case I come across an arcade or gum machine. That guy in left corner is Canadian and from 1932. Wow!
  3. Dollar found on ground and wallet
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    I love finding money. A dollar!
  4. Lipsticks
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  5. Keys for my bigger purse- I mean car!
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  6. -um woman things
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    If I wasn't cleaning out the purse this tampon would seriously be considered in time of need. Sephora perfume testers my purse likes to wear Tory Birch.
  7. More trash
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  8. Journal I bought at goodwill with one page already marked up with list.
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    This list may be the reason I bought this journal.
  9. Purse
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  10. Note from gentleman at Starbucks
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    The pick up note. He asked me for paper. He asked his friend how to spell embarrassed. I sat there thinking - don't be writing me a note. Please,please, please. He gives me note and then continues to sit a foot away from me. Do I read the note there? Do I leave? WTF? I make my escape and read the note later, he misspelled the one word he asked how to spell. Take away lesson for anyone picking up woman at Starbucks, if you want something, a phone number is necessary.