Update Like List # 4 I swear I'm the only one who likes the updates.
  1. Why is everyone having issues with not being able to relist? ❤️ing the list performs basically the same purpose in your follower's feed.
    Plus I swear to @dev if this [RL] thing continues I will mute you all!!!! That's just rewriting a list I already see.
  2. There appears to be a hierarchy of most ❤️ed lists in my feed. No matter how old your list is- if it's popular it will remain near the top.
    I could be wrong.
  3. Isn't messaging what you've wanted since day one? Day one!
    Are you now suddenly shy? Too shy to contact one of these beautiful listers? OMG I can not wait until my first group message. Ummmm so excited!!!
  4. I have had so much fun messaging people today.
    Nothing important just stupid stuff! Just trying to think of what to message @neorsd - I wonder if these are like my MySpace top8?
  6. And more importantly I have been able to see what I wrote to people and it is not limited to a really obnoxiously low number of characters
    Out there forever just waiting for them to publish it.
  7. Soooo when I freak out when @ChrisK blocks me again I can apologize and explain to everyone easily that I was joking and perhaps we can have a legitimate convo.
    Where is Chris K by the way I haven't seen him around? Will I get a notification if he lists again after a while?
  8. Now everyone go unfollow @bjnovak now because he can only message you if you follow him.
    You don't want him to message you.