Inspired by @ChrisK
  1. Mimeograph papers
    Yes I am old. Going down to the special room to make mimeographs was a special treat.
  2. Play-dough
  3. Laundry smells vented out of suburban garages while I am on a bike ride.
  4. Chlorine mixed with watermelon jolly ranchers and just a hint of urine from the pool locker room = Arden Manor Pool
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    Amazingly anthropologie carries this candle so I smelled it pretty recently. But I wouldn't have known this was the smell unless I smelled this candle.
  5. Lawn mower grease
  6. Freshly cut lawn and budweiser
    Dad! (Sound effect SF Giants game on radio)
  7. Bird seed and bird cages
    Also grandpa
  8. Deadheading marigolds
    Gardening with mom
  9. Gardenias
  10. Strawberry Shortcake dolls
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