Thanks I'm Good

My secret Santa may be struggling. I hope she just wanted have fun. I purposely didn't list any wants because truly it's all about❤️ and surprises. But if you are thinking about any of these - too late. I already own these valuable gifts and cherish them enough to keep them all tucked away in random places.
  1. SNL pin Chris Farley
    I wear this as a piece of flair a lot actually. It sums up what I want to say to many people and I live in a van down by the river.
  2. Pretzel bottle opener
    These pretzels are making me thirsty.
  3. Ping pong ball
    Apparently this held some meaning cause it was in a box of very special things. Maybe from my championship game in my aunt's basement in Omaha in 1984?
  4. Bazooka Joe gum wrapper comic
  5. Nesting doll from Kazakhstan
    On second thought I could start a nesting doll collection.
  6. Coupon from Rapustin records Berkeley, Ca
    Expired 1993
  7. AOL CD
    My mom dug this out of somewhere a few weeks ago. I imagine if I hadn't been around she would have sent it to me via USPS insured with a note that says do you need this?
  8. Walkman
    Sign me up for that mixtape because I do have a device to listen to it.
  9. Ring/ cupcake topper Frankenstein
    This is crazy. Why is this even in my life.
  10. Mini book
    Clear memory of recieving these mini books from my aunt. There were 4 they came in a little box. This one has survived. I like Maurice Sendak I like books.
  11. Valet key to my 1997 VW Jetta
    I named her Sloan. As in "Sloan dear hurry along now." The valet key was never taken out of bag cause those valets just drive your car like crazy people. Killed the car. Still have the key.
  12. Apparently I need
    Don't try to Kondo me.
  13. Finding all these small items no matter how old they are and seemingly worthless still evoked some memory. And so you should know as my secret Santa that whatever you get me in 10 or 20 years will be touched by me and I will remember this fun time when I found new friends on the listapp.
    Or I'll be dead.
  14. And this list @imc was my inspiration
    If secret Santa you live near a Dutch Bros coffee place I want a sticker I KEEP THINGS