Products from the romcom just off the top of my head. There were probably many more that were even less subtle placements and highly sought after spots. But my eye rolling failed to help me remember more. Don't make me suffer through this movie again. ****Spoilers because the products are the plot and characters too.***
  1. Bliss
    The beauty product line and also the way life should be when you are young in NYC
  2. Calvin Klein bra
    Because your breasts are perfect
  3. NYC Apartment
  4. Mac Book
    Dropped from window and replaced with Mac Book pro?
  5. Online dating memberships
  6. Beers
    Many beers.
  7. Pedialite
  8. Bloomingdale's
    Initiate the makeover montage
  9. Dry bar
  10. College education?
    Private liberal arts college. Alice, get your head out of your ass and go take the bar exam.
  11. Tabasco
  12. Hershey's syrup
  13. Fiji water
  14. Stella Artois
  15. iPhone
    This is pretty standard though kind of like the desk phone in Dial M for Murder. A movie I contemplated while watching this movie.
  16. Spanx
    In that way spanx loves - where someone criticizes them but really free publicity.
  17. Champagne champagne champagne
  18. Lee jeans
  19. Heineken
  20. Brooklyn apartment
    With perfect amount of adorableness built right in.
  21. Wild - the book
  22. Sylvia Plath
    I can get behind book reading so these are least offensive. But still a product/prop. Shorthand for personal growth.
  23. Inexplicably the apartment from the movie Big, filled with even more stuff
  24. REI membership
  25. Babies
    The ultimate desire of women everywhere.