Just one of my misadventures in my 1979 Volvo station wagon, Louise.
  1. My friends and I were relaxing one night in a typical Sacramento house.
    My friend's younger brother was there with his friends too.
  2. Then someone suggested we go to Taco Bell for some of their fine culinary consumables.
  3. Yes!
  4. The Mexican Pizza!!!
    I'm trying to find an appropriate picture via list app. This seems like it is someone's picture that may not have been too happy with their pizza but I am saying this looks like heaven in a box.
  5. Well there were probably 10 people in that room that night.
  6. And so everyone piled into my 1979 Volvo station wagon
    Radio presets on KWOD 106, fm 102.5, 100.5 and more.
  7. I don't know who was riding shotgun.
    Whoever yelled shotgun, usually that was me, but I was driving.
  8. Taco Bell was great late. This may have even been before their ad catchphrase was "We're great late" long before the fourth meal was invented.
  9. But Taco Bell was great for us because you could always find enough change in your car to eat a bean burrito.
  10. But no bean buhs tonight. Tonight we desired Mexican Pizzas.
  11. I should tell you now that a Mexican Pizza is
  12. A crispy flour tortilla as the crust
  13. Smeared with those fine bean like products Taco Bell uses.
  14. Ground "beef" for texture
  15. And topped with another crispy tortilla
  16. On top of which is some cheese
  17. Saucy substance
  18. Tomatoes (which I flick off)
  19. Sour cream? Olives?
  20. A smattering of green onions for garnish because back then,in my mind, Taco Bell had some fucking class
  21. So with all ten people properly seat belted in, I am sure
  22. We were on our way.
  23. I probably had no worries about affording the pizzas because I made $4.50 working at a pizza place.
  24. The Bell wasn't too far, right next to the Togo's on Marconi Ave.
    Have you noticed how many Sacramento street names I have dropped in lists that are named after inventors? If so, wow you are good.
  25. Well this is where I may need a diagram to portray how funny this story is - in my head.
  26. Here is a crudely drawn diagram
  27. -
    Take note of the lower part that says drive thru lane with curb. There was curbing on both sides of the lane and it was a twisty drive thru that was a long line to the menu order board. Back in the old days kids there was one board at the very front of the line - you could practically just order at the window, for how much lead time they got.
  28. So back to us in the Volvo we get to the order board and I scream "We'll have 10 Mexican Pizzas."
    "Please." (I'm not a total heathen.)
  29. Now brace yourself, the god damned Taco Bell employee says "uh dude, we are out of Mexican pizzas!"
  30. To which I reply.
  31. Well fuck that!!!!!
    Now I am a heathen.
  32. Throw my car in reverse and back the eff out of that long and winding curbed drive thru lane to my friends laughing hysterically at the drama and disappointment of no Mexican Pizzas.
  33. But wait get this.
  34. There was no one in front of me.
  35. I could've gone straight.
  36. From then on, whenever I saw my friends brother he was afraid of me.
  37. He probably referred to me as that crazy Mexican Pizza lady.
  38. I don't think I have had a Mexican Pizza since.
  39. That is the story @ladyprofessor
    The crazy Mexican pizza story that is part of the lore you need to know.
  40. Photo credits ListApp search: Arden-Arcade, 1979 Volvo, Taco Bell and Mexican Pizza.
    I will have a bean burrito, taco supreme, no tomatoes and a Pepsi. Mom all I want is a Pepsi!
  41. I wonder what they were out of that night. The crust right? The crunchy flour tortilla crust.
    Maybe they were out of E. coli ?