Inspired by @ladyprofessor who asked for this. Quick grabs of books that inspired me.
  1. The Casual Observer Elizabeth Whitson
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    My first book Christmas 1974 - I was 2 months. I love you for this mom.
  2. Guide to Creative Gardening
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    I spent my freshman year of college copying its watercolor images and planning a huge garden in my parents yard. That summer they sold the house and moved away. Talk about God laughing.
  3. McCall's Cookbook
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    Mom's wedding shower gift. See also classic Emily Post that was her graduation gift. Never cook anything from here but ❤️
  4. The Days of Holly Hobby
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    Ohmigosh I didn't even know this was on my shelf until just now. So happy.
  5. The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Grey Bridge Hildegarde H. Swift & Lynd Ward
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  6. Bachelor Girl Betsy Israel
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    Live it, love it.
  7. This is a hallmark gift book that I apparently felt the need to co-op as a small child.
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  8. Probably for its endpapers
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  9. A Degree of Mastery Annie Tremel Wilcox
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    When you like books.
  10. The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook Gloria Bley Miller
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    I read cookbooks like novels.
  11. The Margaret Rudkin Pepperidge Farm Cookbook
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    Found this beauty used filled with newspaper clippings and other ephemera. Love the drawings.
  12. Some drawings from it.
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