Requested by @BWN_7
Thanks for request @BWN_7 I tried to keep it down to a reasonable amount but really I could go on for days. I'm not lying when I say people always used to call me Elaine.
  1. I am a man's woman.
    "You hate women and they hate you." I never have friends to go the historical clothing exhibit at the Met.
  2. Password to my vault.
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    He schnapped me.
  3. I've yada yada'd sex.
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    I like lobster bisque.
  4. J. Peterman catalogs
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    I own them. I keep them in my archives. I have a draft working about them but I secretly feel bad about J Peterman because I fucking adored that catalog and did Seinfeld ruin it? Maybe.
  5. Big salads are my jam
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  6. I rip off Ziggy.
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    Anytime someone says Missouri I jump in with Missouri loves company. States I can't find a copy of this Ziggy but it was him at a travel agents office and I believe that is what she said. I could be wrong. I used a reaction shot from @franksars so now I also rip him off.
  7. I would totally fight for my right to wear any hat I want at a baseball game.
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    This is America.
  8. My brain doesn't work when no one picks up my trash.
    If you get my drift.
  9. I woke up like this at parents' house the other night.
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    We are not in Florida but global warming is real.
  10. My mom still buys me new panties
    And lays them out on my bed.
  11. Still working on that Murphy Brown script.
  12. People have described me as picky.
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    But sponge worthiness?
  13. I say this daily.
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    It helps to say Jerry's follow up line next, then I can move on.
  14. Jujyfruits
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    Get out of here with your junior mints.
  15. Sing it sister.
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  16. Truth.
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  17. Not the truth but I would.
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  18. It comes and goes.
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  19. I'm a peach.
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  20. I don't know how you guys walk around with those things.