Doh, so close!
  1. Connections
  2. Opportunities
    Since 1993
  3. Points
    I wasn't paying attention. What was his point?
  4. Trains
    I hear that metro bing bong when I'm on the escalator
  5. Buses
    They don't stop when you try to chase them down.
  6. Chances
    I don't know which ones specifically until it's too late.
  7. Shots
    You had your shot.
  8. Vague come ons
  9. Subtle hints to leave.
  10. Targets
    The 🎯 not the store.
  11. Exits
    They come with signs but sometimes I miss those too
  12. Key moments on tv shows while I look at phone.
  13. Trash cans
    Every q-tip ever
  14. Janet Jackson's exposed nipple
    This is the one thing I still actively miss in a emotional way. Janet and I were close
  15. Moments
  16. Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody