Inspired by @krmckinstry 🕸🕸🕸🕸
  1. Physical Book or ebook?
    Physical book. I have a nook, a kindle and reading apps on my phone but I rather hold, read, own a book. If it makes me angry I can throw the book against the wall.
  2. Audio book or Book in hand?
    I've never gotten into audio books. I'm very much about seeing the words and text dancing on the page, it makes my brain happy.
  3. Paperback or Hardcover
    It's rare when I buy a hardcover. It truly has to be a book that I cannot wait to read. I love those new soft and smooth paperbacks they have now. I rub it on my face. It's soft like a baby.
  4. Adult or Young Adult?
    Adult. In a bookstore yesterday I was very jealous of all the YA selections and sections all through the store. I don't remember it being soooo popular when I was a young adult. I actually wished I could be a young adult in this time.
  5. Series or Standalone?
    Stand alone. The only series on my to be read list is Proust.
  6. Dog Ears or Bookmarks?
    Neither. Total book anarchy here. Maybe a random note passed to me by a secret admirer.
  7. Bookstore or Online?
    Bookstore to buy. Online to sample late at night when I am looking for books. I have a list of books I look for in used bookstores, which are my favorite.
  8. Fiction or Nonfiction?
    Both. I like the odd memoir and essay collection and love to read cookbooks as novels. Books about books are my favorite though.
  9. Monster read or short and sweet?
  10. Starry eyed romance or action packed?
    Both, though my favorites don't necessarily have a lot of either.
  11. Curl up inside or bathe in the sun?
    Iced coffee or hot coffee. It just depends on the season.