Remember when your brain had to be the Internet?
  1. What was the name of the guy on Cheers who threatens to steal Woody's girlfriend?
    I believe this was the sign that was posted at the cash register in the sandwich shop in Boulder 2002. (Pre-pocket Internet) I thought it was a daily trivia game and said the answer. The entire work force threw up their hands and breathed a sigh of relief. Yes! I had just saved them from going trivially insane. They had posted the sign as a way to be freed from the shackles of "What was that guys name? Damn it" syndrome. This was a terrible syndrome to have I know it has happened to me -
  2. What was the family name on Mr Belvedere?
    I too was trapped at work and it was a slow day at the restaurant. We discussed Mr Belvedere and all that show entails but we couldn't remember the family's name. What was it? Every customer who walked in was asked and they all gave those oh no I don't know and more importantly they gave the look of I don't care and this information or lack of it will leave my brain in 1 second and I will not sit and stew trying to remember some random fact from a 1980s tv show. I hate those people.
  3. I hadn't yet taught myself deep brain thinking.
    That is where you totally immerse your mind in a time or place in attempt to summon some coexisting memory. Close your eyes do you see something, can you smell something? Taste would be good. If you can picture a scene from that show that would be great.
  4. At this point what I did was let it go!
    Do not fixate on Mr. Belvedere. Get Bob Uecker out of your head. I walked through a door and screamed out he answer that just occurred to me.
  5. Lee J Cobb Twelve Angry Men
    This is the ur-trivia insanity moment for me. My parents with their friends spending hours at a dining room table trying to recall who was in the movie Twelve Angry Men. We begged to go home. "Can we go home I'm tired?" They started to resemble the men in 12 angry men. Nothing was at their disposal. Nothing. Maybe they got out newspapers or books in the vain attempt to jog a memory. I don't recall anyone going deep brain. But they couldn't let it go. They screamed Lee J Cobb and we went home.
  6. What was the name of James Spader's character in Pretty in Pink?
    My friends and I were camping. Who knows who posed the dangerous question of what was James Spader's character name. Why? Why would you pose a question like that? I don't know how long we pondered. Some people just let it go. I am not one of those people. I had to go deep brain. Put yourself in a trance imagine a scene in the movie. As I was in this trance someone we were camping with inquired where someone else was. They asked Where's Stef? I jumped out of my chair and said I've got it !
  7. Since camping in Moab is where I developed deep brain it has become tied up with memories of Pretty in Pink.
    The movie stirs memories of hiking in Arches National Park, sitting by the river and drinking chai, and laughing with 8 other chicks in sleeping bags in one giant tent.
  8. Rupert
    This helps when you need to remember something that will never be on the Internet. My dad asked the other day what the name of my Grandmother's cat was. Was he trying to torture me? I closed my eyes, I was on the hard couch in my grandparents living room. The smell of their house. The taste of Hansen's Natural Soda Ginger Ale. I teased out my grandma's voice. Slight Brooklyn accent. Warbly shaking voice. I opened my eyes and said Rupert. I did it. And now this information is on the Internet.
  9. So if you need to know the answers to any of these trivial facts you got what you need right in your pocket. And now you have the power to go deep brain or maybe you can just let it go. Just as a rule always keep Bob Uecker out of your head.
    Can you let it go? What was the name of the family in Mr. Belvedere? Hmm?