um...actually...i Kinda Like It

I'm not just app kissing @listass. Oooh I so want that name now @listass. Someone take that name.
  1. First. My dream come true - related lists.
    I have been thinking about this since I first long pressed someone's list title and stole their idea. I mean remixed their idea. Now the lists are together, linked forever. That's the beauty you can see all the people who do that same list. *Happy dance*
  2. Second. Little cute icons that show you exactly how you can Facebook, tweet, text, email or copy url.
    Why you guys hating on this update?
  3. Third. Jo-Ann Fabrics has a list that has no related lists
    Challenge accepted. No just kidding I just stole one of their list titles
  4. Fourth. I wrote a stupid throw away list just to ask a question pertaining to March Madness Lists and now I'm linked to two A-listers.
    Pun not intended but delightfully true. We are a panel basically. John, Lena, and I. Dunham Mayer Weber, Attorneys at Law
  5. All in all, a solid update.