Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. Daily List Prompts was written by @ChrisK. Right? We can all agree to this.
  2. @ChrisK met with Mr. Novak
    There's undeniable photoshopped evidence.
  3. Then he went to the Bradbury Building
  4. It's a thing that happens.
    If the science isn't explained you just sort of accept it as fact. So I am not going to explain the science.
  5. I have personally been selected by Time Cops to go and find Chris K. I know. I don't think I am prepared to do this either.
    I am really not that flexible.
  6. I went to Sacramento to get what can be the only item to bring him back.
  7. Books.
    See, he lost time because he sent away too many books. For the uninitiated this can severely mess with your brain. So do not at any time give away books.
  8. The book I chose for Chris K. ?
  9. Static
    Don't ever tell anybody anything ...
  10. Wish me luck.
    What a fun little exercise this list was. I wish there was someone who would give me these ideas on a daily basis.