Wandering is when the company is so nice it never matters if you reach the destination. Lost is when relationships are questioned.
  1. Wandering
    ➰Sierra Nevada Mountains- He told me later that we were totally lost. Oops I never knew.
  2. Wandering
    ➰Nantucket circle. What were we even looking for?
  3. Technically lost but we will call it a wander.
    📍DC is the most confusing place we looked for how to get to the pizza place in Adams Morgan for nearly two hours. We were convinced Chandra Levy was just doing same thing.
  4. Wandering
    ➰Sacramento- Walking miles and miles one day just because it was nice out.
  5. Wandering
    ➰ Boston -Never did make it to the USS Constitution when we wandered around.
  6. Lost
    📍Sacramento,Ca -Arco Arena -INXS concert. Where the hell did I park my car? We walked around the entire lot.
  7. Lost
    📍Georgetown -While out in DC one night I couldn't find my car, Dude Where's My Car was in the theater, so everyone thought my plight was hysterical. Still have never seen that movie. Still never found my car.
  8. Totally lost
    📍Brussels, Belgium -Walking around trying to make it back to my hotel in the rainy night. Kept ending up at Manneken Pis.
  9. Lost
    📍DC again trying to get home. My friend was treated to my slut tour. Oh I used to date a guy who lived there. Oh I went out with a guy who lived there. Oh that's so and so's house. He was not amused but rather impressed.
  10. Lost
    📍Tysons Corner Parking lot of mall where I went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens I got lost just to piss someone off. It worked.