Nostalgia isn't what it used to be
  1. So I was idle momentarily today and the ListApp is my go to time waster
  2. @supercommonname posted about the ecstasy of the Shamrock Shake.
  3. Um Yeah.
    I said to no one.
  4. Sign me up
    Still no one around.
  5. Get in friend's car to drive to McDonalds. When it occurs to me,
  7. Because I think I'm merely miles from the McDonalds of my youth.
  8. The first place I had the Shamrock Shake
    I dunno details are fuzzy but likely the first place.
  9. So I drive by maybe seven McDonalds to get there.
  10. Seven sounds like a stretch.
  11. Could be less.
  12. I know one had a Shamrock Shake sign
    But I kept on driving.
  13. I get out of the car.
  14. The drive through is no place to dance when they hand you the shake.
  15. I walk in
  16. I walk right to the counter after I notice the modernization of this particular McDonalds didn't include the floor.
  17. I see no shamrocks 🍀☘🍀☘
  18. Or evidence of shakes
  19. It hits me
  20. That sad feeling
  21. As I go to speak I know the answer to my question
  22. "Do you have Shamrock Shakes?"
  23. He gives me a look that says
  24. "I don't speak the crazy"
    Um you work at a McDonalds you should at least pretend you know what I am talking about.
  25. I pout and turn away. Walk out the door
  26. 🍀☘🍀Shamrock Shakes🍀☘🍀
    Only available at participating restaurants. Yada yada limited time. Yada yada they do not taste like lime. Yada yada actual McDonald's disclaimer.
  27. Here's the floor that's been there my entire life probably.
  28. Then I drove by my childhood house and it looks like an effing crack den.
    Well played Thomas Wolfe. “Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going. Don’t freeze up.”
  29. PS I'm pretty sure I went to a school field trip here in case you are wondering how I am super successful at everything.
    That only just occurred to me.