Dogs that I plan to have one day, not dogs from the future. But that might be kinda cool too.
  1. Buchanan
    A mixed breed dog who I'll call Buck The Wonder Pup, no matter how old he gets. He'll like cheese, playing with the garden hose and howling along to Skynyrd songs. Especially Tuesday's Gone.
  2. Indiana Bones
    A terrier mix - small and spunky with tufty hair and bright eyes. I'm gonna call him Indy (obviously) and yell it out like Willie in Temple of Doom (Ugh. The worst offering in the trilogy). He'll like tearing apart stuffed toys and burrowing under the blanket while we watch Game of Thrones, emerging only to snarl at Ramsey Bolton.
  3. Bruce
    A bad ass German Shepherd who I'll call Boss. Because obviously. He's gonna love hip hop (mostly Biggie), tearing ass around the yard and listening to acoustic covers by his namesake while getting his ears rubbed.