i just wanted to mention bernard knox, rly
  1. in 1998 review of autobiography of red in the new york review of books by bernard knox, a truly charming Dead White Man Classicist
  2. half of grief lessons (euripides translations, essay-prefaces possibly better executed than plays ~*~tbh~*~)
  3. centerpiece of post on a tumblr titled "soft butches of note"
  4. excerpt from her hashtag fire emoji essay "tragedy: a curious art form" posted on rarely visited tumblr dashboard of tumblr I haven't posted on in two years by girl who goes to my college whom I don't know whom I followed on tumblr before this was A Fact; I sent same essay to cast & crew of a production of medea I dramaturged for this quarter
  5. later found out listhost I sent the essay to was only for crew, not cast, who really needed it; wish this explained the production's failures
  6. quoted on lots of classics-themed tumblrs whose proprietors all like the secret history too much
  7. not in the reception theory and fanfiction scholarship I've been combing thru for resources for a term paper, but it's only a matter of time