Some of my favorite TV shows that are funny, UK and US. No particular order.
  1. Life's Too Short (2011-2013)
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    This is one of a few Ricky Gervais comedy shows I will mention. It features Warwick Davis as himself and various movie stars drop in (Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson, Steve Carell etc.). It was his last collaboration, as far as I know, with Stephen Merchant. Like all of Ricky's shows it has two seasons, and in this case an Easter special.
  2. Arrested Development (2003-2014)
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    Definetly one of my favorites and ones I am constantly rewatching. Consistently good written, some of the funniest characters. Bluth family rocks. My favorite season: 2, but I also enjoyed the Netflix refreshed season 4.
  3. Community (2009-2015)
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    Well this one has a special place in my heart. It was one of my first, let us says shows not everybody watched (e.g. HIMYM or Two and a Half Men,...). Also it is really good, I often discover new jokes when I rewatch it. Also full of pop-cultural references which I love! One of my favorite episodes is Critical Film Studies and my favorite season: 2.
  4. The Office (UK) (2001-2003)
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    The show that made Ricky Gervais. Shot on low budget it showed writing (and good acting) is the key part of a good comedy show. It features a distinct english humour. One of my top picks!
  5. The Office (US) (2005 - 2013)
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    It is a remake of the UK version. It is good. Yes it can be cheesy but it is an American show... After season 1 or 2 thes found their own path and this show has some of the best jokes out there. Also possible to rewatch indefinetly. Favorite season: 6.
  6. Extras (2005-2007)
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    After The Office came extras. This show also offers a larger role to the other creator of the office Stephen Merchant, and he plays Rickys film agent, a bad one for that... Show also features a certain movie star in each episode.
  7. Louie (2010- )
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    This show is good. It's really good, and getting better. It is funny but also serious especially in the last few seasons it got a darker tone. Beautifully shot and often with good music. Favorite season: 4.
  8. Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)
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    Anothet mockumentary show (like The Office). From Amy Poehler. Also introduced me to Aziz Ansari and Nick Offerman, whose character is part of many many memes online. Good show. Favorite season is season 1, but the last one was very good.
  9. Veep (2012-)
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    An HBO comedy show. Nothing can go wrong, and it doesn't. Some of the funniest writing ever and also very good performances from Dreyfus, Hale and Schlumsky. Favorite season: 4.
  10. Silicon Valley (2014-)
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    Another HBO show. A sillicon valley parody. Favorite season: 1.
  11. 30 Rock