We've all been there--and you can't help but laugh. How many of these classic bad things have happened to you?
  1. When your umbrella turns inside out
    And starts screaming
  2. When a car splashes water onto you
    And invariably one of those street fish lands right in your mouth
  3. When you get broken up with at a crowded resturant
    And the restaurant is super crowded because all your friends and family are there to celebrate your 20th anniversary
  4. When you step on a crack
    (On a tennis court) and your mother "breaks back" and, as usual, you're losing to your mom in the semis of the US Open. And the crowd is filled with construction workers and they like the way your mom looks in those tennis whites and they are very, very vocal about it
  5. When a bouncer lifts a velvet rope to let other people in but then puts it down right in front of you
    And says "not today pal." And you reply "buddy, it's full-blown nighttime!" and you try to laugh menacingly, but you end up coughing a street fish onto your shoes
  6. When you slip on a banana peel
    And you slip on another banana peel and another banana peel and another. And then you realize: you're at a wedding for apes and instead of a flower girl it's a banana peel girl. And you slip all the way up the aisle, at the worst possible time -- right when the ape priest has asked "does anyone have any objections to this marriage?" and the crowd is shocked, but the bride lifts her veil and shes blushing and, you know what, shes the most beautiful ape you've ever seen in your whole life...
  7. When a baby starts crying on a plane
    Over the pilot's intercom