For different reasons (unexpected/hilarious/sad, mostly because they made me laugh) i remember these food-related scenes from movies... and here's a list of 'em!
  1. Michael Clayton - when arthur has so, so many baguettes in the alley
    Best of the best
  2. Dead Ringers - birthday cake but no ice cream
  3. My Son My Son What Have Ye Done - scene with the jello
    He whispers "i hope it's not jello" and his mom pulls out a big thing of jello hahaha
  4. Woody Allen - lobsters
    A classic
  5. Eraserhead - the bleeding cornish hens (or whatever those are)
  6. The Long Goodbye - curry brand cat food opening
    Great movie, maybe even better if marlowe spends the entire runtime searching for cat food instead of the first 20 min
  7. Spiderman 3 - the scene where they make an omelet and do the twist
  8. Take Shelter - when he flips out in the food bank
  9. Creep Show - "it's father's day! where's my cake!"
  10. Grave of the Fireflies - "tempura, sashimi, sour jelly..."
    This is the sad one
  11. Armageddon - animal crackers
    He's playing with animal crackers on her stomach and she's like "you think one the otherside of the world ppl are doing this exact thing" and he's like "i hope so, otherwise what the hell are [we blowing up this asteroid for]."