A true story
  1. Me: Oh, you're a vegan now?
    I'm not being condescending. I've known her for a long time and she definitely wasn't vegan last time I saw her.
  2. Her: Yeah, but my mom only lets me be if I have fish.
    Makes sense.
  3. Me: Oh, wow, is it for moral or health reasons?
  4. Her: Ew, I don't give a damn about those animals.
  5. Me: So, health?
  6. Her: Not really...
  7. Me: So why exactly are you a vegan?
  8. Her: Well, all my friends are doing it
  9. Me: All of them?
  10. Her: Well, two of them.
  11. Me: Why are they vegan?
  12. Her: I don't know.
  13. Me: Is, like, Demi Lovato vegan or something?
    I'm so hip
  14. Her: I don't know, but Ariana Grande is.
  15. Me: Was that donut vegan?
  16. Her: Ew, that was so gross.
  17. Aaaand scene. Congratulations, vegans! Your philosophy can now be added onto the peer pressure list with drugs, alcohol, and sex! You did it!!!!