I'm also obsessed with many you may have seen
  1. Yatterman (2009, dir. Takashi Miike). Live action adaptation of an old anime. Brilliantly stupid and stupidly brilliant
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  2. Love Exposure (2008, dir. Sion Sono). A four hour movie about religion, sex, family, love, and the ninja art of upskirt panty photography. It's seriously four hours and it's seriously worth it.
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  3. Linda Linda Linda (2005, dir. Nobuhiro Yamashita). Four awkward schoolgirls form a kickass punk band.
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  4. Guilty of Romance (2011, dir. Sion Sono). Out-of-control and over-the-top debauchery and rage against the patriarchal machine.
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  5. You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011, dir. Giddens Ko). The most adorable romantic comedy ever involving a secret masturbation contest in the middle of class.
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  6. Scandal Makers (2008, dir. Kang Hyeong-cheol) Slick but heartfelt romantic comedy about a rich and famous radio DJ who finds out that he has both a kid and a grandkid and has to hide them from the world. I have no idea how this hasn't been remade as a crappy Hugh Grant movie
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  7. Tokyo Tribe (2014, dir. Sion Sono). A hip-hop musical about street gangs. Insane beyond all measure.
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  8. Kung Fu Chefs (2009, dir. Wing-Kin Yip). Pretty self-explanatory.
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  9. Ip Man: The Final Fight (2013, dir. Herman Yau). There have been at least six movies about Bruce Lee's teacher in the past few years and, while this doesn't have the most (or best) action, it has the most soul.
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  10. Police Story (1985, dir. Jackie Chan). The least obscure movie on the list, but holy shit, young Jackie Chan firing on all cylinders. It's so good.
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