It's actually pretty fucking feminist, you guys
  1. Everyone loves to make the same point about "Baby, It's Cold Outside": OMG, it's about DATE RAPE! She said "say, what's in this drink?" That's FUCKED UP!
  2. However...
  3. In my mind, this falls in the same category as people laughing at Shakespeare for writing the word "buttshaft," because no way could he have meant it THAT WAY because it's old and anything made over 15 years old is dumb.
    Spoiler alert: he did mean it that way
  4. The fact of the matter is, the woman in the song means it as a joke.
  5. Which leads into my bigger point
  6. She wants to screw the guy just as much as he does her
  7. BUT
  8. It's the '50s and women aren't allowed to want to have sex
  9. And, in fact, the song exhaustively lists all the ridiculous shitty obstacles women have to deal with:
    the neighbors thinking poorly of her, the father pacing the floor because he's a MAN that can't allow her adult daughter to make her own sexual decisions, the mother waiting by the door for her adult daughter to come home, the maiden aunt's vicious, sexually repressed mind
  10. When she makes the joke (which admittedly wouldn't make it into the 2016-written version of the song), she's trying to justify her sexual desire by pretending it's something in her drink.
  11. Any rendition of the song that features the guy actually seducing her is missing the point. This is a song about two people wanting the same thing, but only one being societally allowed to say so.
  12. Giphy
  13. Please feel free to send this to anyone who makes that stupid hot take about the song.
  14. Update from my smart friend Laura: The woman is leading the song, and the man is following. She even starts setting up his rhymes...