Things I stumbled upon while researching my Cold War pro wrestling play, "Wrestleparty '82, or Who is Boris Sicklehammer?"
  1. Nikolai Volkoff
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    Actual name: Josip Peruzovic. Actual birthplace: Croatia. Fun fact: Most villainous trait was singing the Russian National Anthem before matches
  2. Ivan Koloff
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    Actual name: Oreal Perras Actual birthplace: Montreal, Canada. Fun fact: he's now an ordained born again preacher
  3. Nikita Koloff (yes, they're "related")
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    Actual name: Scott Simpson Actual birthplace: Minnesota, MN Fun fact: Also a preacher!
  4. Krusher Khruschev
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    Actual name: Barry Darsow Actual birthplace: Minneapolis, MN. Fun fact: Went on to become the "Repo Man," whose most notable feat was repossessing the Macho Man's hat because he was "behind on payments."
  5. Rusev
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    Actual name: Miroslav Barnyashev Actual birthplace: Bulgaria. Fun fact: The WWE tried to work around his Bulgarian-ness by saying he just "lives in Russia" and has a fake Russian girlfriend (see below) and worships Putin. Totally makes sense!
  6. Lana
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    Actual name: CJ Perry Actual birthplace: Gainesville, FL. Fun fact: Was in Pitch Perfect!