These are all real names and, no, I wasn't clever enough to come up with them myself
  3. Wong Kar-Wifi
    This one was so good I was simultaneously thrilled with its existence and horrified I didn't think of it
  4. Mine is Hampton Inn Guest
    Suggested by @roche
  5. HideYoKidsHideYoWIFI
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  6. Free Starbucks Wifi
    I used to live by a Starbucks. I had a password on this. I may or may not have sat in Starbucks listening to people complain about how they couldn't get on, and the baristas having to explain they don't know what network that is.
    Suggested by @sswyryt
  7. Ermagherd wehrfer
    This is our neighbor's. It has been this way for years and I still laugh EVERY time I see it.
    Suggested by @readjulia
    In an apartment. We all knew who they were talking about.
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  9. Pretty Fly For A Wifi
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  10. OneDoesNotSimplyStealMyWiFi
    It was password-protected. Right below it was "OneDoesNotSimplyStealMyWiFi - Guest," which was public. I always wondered if they saw the irony in that.
    Suggested by @sarahtrue
  11. Jo Ann Fabrics Sucks
    Suggested by @michaelsstores
  12. Boner Jams '03
    I picked this one up once from home, nearly peed myself laughing and never saw it again ✨☄✨
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  13. The Smash Club
    Courtesy of @sky
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  14. Genovia
    This was a WiFi network close to me and @ErinFlaherty's old apartment and I always wished it were ours
    Suggested by @sky
  15. DOD Surveillance Van #43
    Suggested by @human_otter
  16. Tell my WiFi love her
    Suggested by @andrewcsheffield
  17. Tell my wifi love her.
    Suggested by @cariturner
  18. NSA Surveillance Basement @list
    Suggested by @alrake269
  19. Static
    Suggested by @amber
  20. This was in San Diego at a Starbucks.
    Stay classy San Diego!
    Suggested by @misselsa
  21. Not For You
    After I had been skimming their wifi for a week and they finally got wise to password protect 😏
    Suggested by @aprilyee
  22. Hairy Cocksucker
    Open network at harvard 2011
    Suggested by @owlgarden
  23. NSA is watching you poop
    Near a restaurant in San Luis Obispo
    Suggested by @queso
  24. Mario FTW
    My neighbors
    Suggested by @queso
  25. Series of Tubes
    Courtesy of Ted Stevens, tech genius (actually saw @ a Starbucks)
    Suggested by @human_otter
  26. Kid in your closet
    Seen for two years at my law school dorms, never found out where it came from.
    Suggested by @mrd101
  27. Static
    Suggested by @sky
  28. Genovia
    @ErinFlaherty's and my old neighbors really liked The Princess Diaries apparently
    Suggested by @sky