High school aged cast members only (for brevity's sake)
  1. Lindsay Weir
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    Controversial choice, I know, but I had and forever will have a massive crush on Lindsay Weir. (To be clear, Linda Cardellini is rad, but I'm referring to Lindsay Weir as a separate entity here.) This is possibly because, like most of ListApp, i spent my high school years as a smart, good kid who felt trapped by the static perception of me created by others. Possibly also because Linda Cardellini is really pretty.
  2. Bill Haverchuck
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    Probably the consensus #1, and I can't argue with that. Could have been a one-note joke (e.g. Screech) and instead became the multi-dimensional, awkward, sensitive, weirdly self-assured, sometimes-jerky kid that we all knew in high school (and now understand better). Also, he dressed as the Bionic Woman for Halloween.
  3. Kim Kelly
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    I love that the writers, even after letting us understand how she became the way she is, refused to soften her as a character to make her more likable. That's why I like her so much.
  4. Nick Andopolis
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    A lesser show might have tried to artificially position him as the "nice guy" counterpoint to Daniel's "bad boy," but the writers (and Segal) are too good for that. He's a passionate, good-hearted guy who has no idea how to function in the world. "Lady L" is his flashiest moment, but my favorite is when he misreads Lindsay's grateful hug and unhooks her bra and is genuinely thrown that it wasn't the right move. I feel like he grows up to be a lot like Marshall on HIMYM.
  5. Ken Miller
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    Didn't have a lot of screen time comparatively, but provided an authentic edge to the freaks. Probably a smart guy who'll never get the chance to recognize it. His romantic storyline showed that he had a ton of potential to grow if the show continued.
  6. Neil Schweiber
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    As much as I love borscht belt humor, he was a bit too whiny for my tastes (although in a completely authentic, well-written way). The whole ventriloquism thing was really weird, though.
  7. Daniel Desario
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    The closest thing the show had to a cliche, but clearly, the writers knew that. Lindsay needed someone like him to be the reason she joins the freaks, and the show needed a broader character to define the freaks in the beginning. Obviously, his punk rock and dungeons and dragons adventures pointed the way to what would have been a real deepening of his character over time.
  8. Sam Weir
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    Sorry, Sam. It's not that you aren't a great character, but man, it's just so very painful to watch you.