1. For you, @boygirlparty? Anything! Fire away. I have nothing to hide except for all of the literal and figurative skeletons in my closet.
  2. what would you title a musical you'd write about superheroes and wrestling?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  3. No theoreticals here, @boygirlparty ty, though they're both plays. The superhero one is called "The Bushwickers" about a Brooklyn-based group of recent college grads who are (naturally) bestowed superpowers by a dying alien. The other is "Wrestleparty '82, or Who is Boris Sicklehammer?" which is (naturally) about the Cold War.
  4. are you drawn to a particular number, and if so, why?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  5. Easy, @boygirlparty! I was born on Friday the 13th, so 13 has been my lucky number ever since!
  6. what has your most uncomfortable animal encounter been?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  7. One time, @boygirlparty, we had a mouse in our apartment, but we couldn't find it. One morning, I was awake before @Jac and I was eating cereal on my couch when I saw the fucker. And the thing is, it's not like squishing a bug, it's an animal! I didn't know what to do, so I used my broom like a golf club and teed off. Please don't tell PETA.
  8. What is the largest animal you've ever killed?
    Suggested by @tombatten
  9. @tombatten please see above
  10. is the skeleton in your closet you referred to earlier actually the skeleton of the mouse you referred to earlier?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  11. Actually, @boygirlparty, that was in my old apartment. The freaky thing was, after I hit it like a golf ball, it ran away and disappeared. We found it days later dead behind the fridge. Thank god we had a super.
  12. what's your weirdest superstition, mr. lucky 13?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  13. This isn't particularly weird, @boygirlparty, but the most superstitious thing I do is, at night, I refuse to let @Jac acknowledge when Evan hasn't had any wake ups. It's like pitching a perfect game. We don't acknowledge until it's over.
  14. what was your first day of college like?
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  15. Really good, as I recall, @boygirlparty. I was in the Dramatic Writing program at Tisch and I was just so relieved that I was surrounded by people with the same interests. In high school, I became an expert in putting forth the particular aspects of my personality that would go well with a particular group, which was exhausting and unhealthy.
  16. Where do you find hats that fit?
    Suggested by @dev
  17. @dev, are you saying I have a big head? Because I do. However, I don't really wear hats
  18. Why did you marry @Jac? I mean, she seems ok, but she doesn't list that much and I heard she's kinda loud.
    Suggested by @Jac
  19. Because, @Jac, she's perfection crammed into a tiny 5 foot 2 body
  20. I don't actually like coffee, but having a baby necessitates caffeine, so @Jac, a hardcore addict, makes me a mocha. I'm a wimp.
  21. If you can only pass on one and only one skill set of yours to your child, what will it be? And why?
    Suggested by @jasoncheng
  22. @jasoncheng, I'd like to pass on my ability and desire to find common ground with almost everyone I meet. It's given me the opportunity to interact with and learn from all sorts of people I would never have a reason to talk to.
  23. What is your favorite Little Debbie snack?
    Suggested by @amber
  24. Cosmic brownies, @amber. Duh.
  25. What theater space, that you have worked in, is your favorite? Why?
    Suggested by @krissybell76
  26. I've only had songs presented there, but I love Joe's Pub. The history is palpable, the sight lines are solid, and every performance just seems like a big deal.
  27. What other playwrights, or writers, do you take the most inspiration from?
    Suggested by @krissybell76
  28. The unholy duo of Tom Stoppard and Christopher Durang have been my playwriting gods since high school. Recently, I've taken a lot of inspiration from Toshiki Okada, this Japanese playwright who wrote a fascinating play called Enjoy, and Leslye Headland, who writes truly fierce plays (not fierce like gay slang, but actually ferocious).