A list about @dev
  1. There is a lot of anger/frustration/ennui happening on listapp right now, and they are of course representative of a lot of anger/frustration/ennui happening around the country and world. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-Muslim sentiment, anti-Semitism, terrorism. It's a goddamn mess. Everyone's really upset, and they should be!
  2. It is also understandable, necessary even, to reach out to people in power and express one's dissatisfaction with the status quo because the status quo sucks! And it has always sucked! However, what constitutes power is a subjective thing.
  3. It's also really easy on the Internet to dehumanize people. When someone is a face on the web or even just a voice, it's just so much more possible to assume what you want about him/her based on the extremely limited information you have.
  4. And there isn't a lot of information about @dev out there (you can't even see his whole face!) and I would like to rectify that. Because I know Dev. And Dev is my friend.
  5. I can't talk about Dev, of course, without talking about @Grosstastic. Halley and I went to Tisch together, though the first time I encountered her, she was getting groped by Ethan Hawke. On stage, that is. Halley is a brilliant writer, a hilarious human, a caring friend, a tremendous actress, and I am so sad we live a bajillion miles away from her
  6. One day, Halley told me that she was going on a date with this guy her parents set her up with, which made me immediately cringe, because gross (get it?). However, she told me he was awesome and, when I finally met Dev, @Jac and I were like, "Oh, thank God."
  7. You see, right away, there are a few things you notice about Dev.
  8. He's shy. Like, really shy. Sorry, Dev, but it's true. This is a bit surprising, since he's married to an extremely outgoing actress, but he's not a "big group" kind of guy.
  9. He's adorable.
  10. He loves Halley.
  11. He's way fashionable.
  12. He's clearly brilliant.
  13. At the time, Dev was working for fab.com and was in charge of their (gorgeous) app. It was way better than the actual site, and he worked his ass off, traveling to India all the time, leading teams on two different continents, etc.
  14. When I was working a shitty shit office job and heard there was an opening for a copywriter at Fab, I asked Dev if he could put in a good word for me, and he was so awesome and supportive and really tried to help me get the job (which I didn't get, but that was probably for the best).
  15. When I was getting married and needed a guy friend to help me pick out a wedding suit, Dev came with me to Bloomingdales, decided it wasn't up to snuff, then took me to J. Crew, where he helped me find an awesomely stylish suit.
  16. Jac and I were actually there the night Dev and BJ agreed to work on the app. We'd just seen Halley in an extremely depressing show and needed a drink, so we went with her to join the ListApp celebration in progress. We weren't allowed to know what we were celebrating, but we could see Dev had clearly found a project worthy of his brilliance.
  17. At Halley and Dev's wedding party (they had gotten married a week or so before in front of like 3 people), Dev finally revealed the project to me and he was so fucking excited (also, because he'd married Halley). He invited me to the beta that night, which I promptly forgot about for a few months, in part because I didn't "get" the idea.
  18. Wait, I'm supposed to share my grocery lists or something?
  19. Obviously, I eventually joined and realized how brilliant the whole thing was and obviously became obsessed.
  20. And obviously, the app grew far beyond anyone's expectations for it.
  21. It's become a platform for issues both shallow and deep, political and trivial, personal and public.
  22. I have made many wonderful friends on this app, some of whom even traveled to New York to see my play, which was the most amazing thing ever.
  23. I hope that everyone who has encountered me and my lists has gotten a sense of me as a person, of my heart, of my soul. You've met my wife. You've seen my son.
  24. And I am hoping that you believe me when I tell you that Dev is a person. An awesome, deeply passionate person and a great friend.
  25. And though I cannot speak for him, I am sure he is absolutely thrilled that the listapp is being used both for lists about movies and for lists about social justice. What he created is the platform for all of this. A blank slate.
  26. He is the co-founder of the app and a leader, but let's not confuse that with actual power in the world. Elected officials, CEOs of major companies, these are people who are offering up themselves for public consumption.
  27. If you take issue with a "featured list," if you're dealing with awful troll racist people, if you have suggestions for how to create a community standard, that is all awesome and valid and important!
  28. Your lists about white privilege and pain and race and sexism are important and vital!
  29. And racist trolls are awful and some policy should be come up with! Which is, of course, a tricky proposition because harassment is one thing, but who decides what speech is objectionable? And do we just kick them out? I don't have an answer and I do believe it's complicated.
  30. Listapp is new, and I am sure they've made and will make missteps. Twitter and Facebook are still figuring it out!
  31. But that is no grounds for deciding that Dev is just some white boy who wants to "protect his app for movies and music." What does that even mean? How would he even do that? Why is it fair game to go through his likes and monitor his every move and yell at him for liking my list on movies and not your list?
  32. When did developing an app mean that you should be available to be mocked with conjecture to the loving applause of others? That is not accountability. Personal attacks are not accountability.
  33. If you have a problem with the way he's running his app, that's fair game! That's capitalism! But don't put words in his mouth and don't decide who he is as a person without bothering to find out.
  34. That's what Twitter is for.
  35. This list is rambly and weird and devoid of wit. I honestly do not like to get in "social media" arguments. I find real life arguments exhausting enough.
  36. The point is, Dev is my friend. I love him, and I think you would too.
  37. I love listapp and I love you all, even the ones I disagree with.
  38. Here's a picture of Evan
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