I went to an indie wrestling show last night in Queens. My favorite match was between these two people, who are now my two new favorite wrestlers.
  1. Zack Sabre Jr.
  2. Look at this guy. He's like the British version of Ryan Gosling in Drive. Who's a wrestler, not a driver.
  3. I want that jacket.
  4. I did buy this tshirt from him. Even the tshirt is cool. Also, you know who else was established in 1987? Me!
  5. My other new favorite wrestler is Marty Scurll
  6. Holy shit, he has an umbrella and a fur coat and sunglasses
  7. Look at this fucking guy. His nickname is "Villain." Not "The Villain." Just "Villain." That's badass.
  8. Look at his goddamn tshirt. I need that tshirt.
  9. I love wrestling