Please welcome @jhubs to the app, but beware!
  1. Jaclyn
    Only her sister calls her that. And her grandparents. And me, when I'm play angry or real angry.
  2. Jaq
    Get the fuck out of here with that q shit
  3. Jack
    She's not a boy. Her name may sound like a boy's name, but writing it like one makes you look foolish, and you should be ashamed
  4. Jackie
    Oh my god, you have a death wish, don't you? Holy shit. Many have tried to call her "Jackie." All of them are dead, their heads put on spikes as a warning for any soul who foolishly considers going down that path.
  5. My lovely wife, Jac Huberman
    Because that would mean you're also married to her, which makes my marriage null and void, which makes all of that time and money that we put into our wedding null and void, so I'd rather not learn that. Keep it to yourself.