This is apparently actually going to happen?
  1. "Well, I have a penis, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
  2. "Becky's actually really nice"
  3. "How to trick everyone into thinking you had an affair just to get everyone to sign up for your struggling streaming service"
  4. "My assistant told your assistant that I wanted an open relationship and your assistant said you said it was cool so maybe you should fire your assistant"
  5. "She was just helping me master some sex moves that I wanted to perfect before I tried them on you as a surprise and now you ruined the surprise"
  6. "You did this to yourself because told you on multiple occasions that I liked Red Lobster's biscuits, not the dining establishment itself"
    Suggested by @amber
  7. "Just wondering, which Destiny's Child member would you be most pissed about if I slept with her?...asking for a friend"
  8. "We did it in that weird vault that doubles as a shrine to yourself, so it was kind of like a threesome? Okay, fine, more like a 2.5-some"
    (Ed. Note: This vault is a real thing according to an article I semi-remember reading years ago)
  9. "I Got Rachael Ray and Rachel Roy mixed up, too. Does that help at all?"
  10. Arnold Palmer
    Or his is called Sweet Tea and then they do an album of duets called Arnold Palmer.
    Suggested by @lizabeth