This list is going to go great!
  1. Miss Elizabeth
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    Died at age 43 of a drug overdose. Oh shit, that's depressing. Hey, what about Macho Man's other manager?
  2. Sensational Sherri
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    Died of a drug overdose at age 49. Well, shit. Hey, what about that lady who used to manage Dusty Rhodes? She seemed pretty together!
  3. Sapphire
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    Died of a heart attack at age 61. Oh...well, how about the guy managers? Maybe that will go better!
  4. Mr. Fuji
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    Confined to a wheelchair and taking tickets at a movie theater. Okay, pretty depressing, but he's still alive! That's cool!
  5. Paul Bearer
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    Died at age 58 of a heart attack. Oh, goddammit! Let's move a little bit later into the '90s...
  6. Chyna
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    Released sex tape, went into porn, multiple rehab stints, definite untreated mental illness. Still alive, though! So, yay! Who's next? UPDATE: No longer alive
  7. Sunny
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    Multiple DUI arrests and subsequent stints in jail, many rehab stints, now working as a cam girl on Skype. Hey, apparently, she's making a ton of money on Skype, so who am I to judge, but everything else is incredibly depressing...but again, still alive! Who's next?!? UPDATE: Now a hardcore porn star
  8. Woman (yes, that was her name)
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    Murdered at age 43 (along with her young son) by her husband, wrestling superstar Chris Benoit...I there anybody who did remotely okay in this business permeated by tragedy?
  9. Sable
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    Married Brock Lesnar and is incredibly rich. Before we get too excited, this is Brock Lesnar...
  10. Brock Lesnar
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    Could you imagine having sex with that man? Other than having sex with an actual criminal, I couldn't imagine a more terrifying sexual experience. HOWEVER, Sable still wins the best case scenario award!
  11. WINNER: Sable!!!!
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    I need a drink.