No spoilers, I promise
  1. First of all, to get the obvious out of the way, Riley Keough is Elvis's granddaughter. That's crazy! She's also really good and very pretty.
  2. But that's not what I'm here for.
  3. This isn't a particularly new thought or anything, but the show does such a good job of showing how prostitution is so endemic to the way our society works. I don't even mean sex, though obviously sex, or the potential for sex, is behind everything.
  4. It reminds me of a somewhat different form of prostitution: Japanese hostess bars, where salarymen go and pay to have pretty young women talk to them, pour them drinks, laugh at their jokes, etc. Sex is not usually the end result, but it seems the real "benefit" is the feeling of personal attractiveness.
  5. As with so many things, it sometimes becomes an addiction and people plunge themselves into debt for the right to spend non-sexual time with the women they crave.
  6. The thing is, these salarymen are essentially acting as hostesses for their bosses all day in their own jobs. No wonder they're so desperate to roleplay as the other side.
  7. Riley's character on the show is so incredibly successful in her job (both her legal and illegal jobs) because she reads people so well and knows what they want to hear and feel.
  8. I think about all the times over the course of a day I slightly adjust my personality for the benefit of whoever I'm interacting. Sometimes it's just for polite reasons (the cashier, etc.), sometimes it's to get something tangible (I bet the bartender will totes give me a free drink), sometimes it's just to be submissive to a more powerful person
  9. E.g. A client (I'm a tutor), a producer, someone whose opinion of me (something that the important person so casually thinks about) has so much potential to change my life in a truly tangible, life-changing way.
  10. There's something so medieval about this setup and it explains so much to me about the way the 1% operates in this country.
  11. Let's think of Donald Trump for a second
  12. I know, it's terrible, but bear with me
  13. The dude grew up rich and surrounded by people who had less money and power than he did.
  14. On one level, we can think, "Donald Trump has never been challenged in any real way about any of his insane, ego-tripping behavior" and he hasn't. Because everyone around him knows that the best way to get something from someone is to flatter them and not piss them off.
  15. So what happens after employees or clients or whatever of all races and creeds keep puffing Donald up in order to further their own interests?
  16. He puffs up really fucking huge and powerful and thinks he's a god because he's never had anyone say otherwise. Nothing and no one has ever bothered to get in his way because there's no tangible reason for them to do so.
  17. So, while the various people who need things from Trump improve their lives through his money, endorsement, whatever, Trump gets even more powerful, more confident, more unstoppable. In all of these small ways, the 99% willingly puff up the 1%. We make their lives better for the chance to make ours better.
  18. So, everyone's lives are better! Except they have a hell of a head start and so many of the 1% choose not to realize that the 99% is saying what it can to get ahead. When people in all avenues of life are willing to open their doors to you, you start to realize you can go anywhere.
  19. Even the White House.
  20. Anyway, "The Girlfriend Experience" is real good.