I hope it isn't too late
  1. The password to all of my websites/email/social media is "@Grosstastic"
  2. I'm actually @tombatten and @tombatten is actually @GriffLightning
  3. Pediatrician @sally is a dyed-in-the-wool anti-vaxxer, BUT ONLY if the vaccine is for honest, heartfelt lists
  4. "God" is a delusion...CREATED BY GOD, who was created by @ChrisK
  5. @sky is actually @ErinFlaherty
  6. @janetanne was on the grassy knoll and fired the magic bullet
  7. The "play" I've been hawking on here is a live sex show starring @Jack
  8. @john is actually Stevie Ray Vaughan
  9. World War 3 already happened, but it was a Pyrrhic victory. Ask @THEToughCookie about the surprising role pastries played in the final outcome
  10. @DanaDigsYou doesn't actually dig you. Unless you're @tombatten or @john
  11. @angusisley is my porn name
  12. You ever see that movie Identity where John Cusack and everyone else are all just different parts of the same guy's mind but they don't know it ? That's what @list is, and the guy is @dev
  13. @gwcoffey is an Ewok, but he prefers to be referred to as a "half-Wookiee"
  14. Remember that movie War Games? That's what @list is, but for the 21st century, and Matthew Broderick is played by @bjnovak
  15. Playboy has actually been out of business for 15 years but nobody noticed. @manderscotton27 was the final centerfold.
  16. @mallofamanda is about to declare bankruptcy due to the advent of online shopping
  17. @ohheymary isn't named mary; she's just perpetually saying hello to someone by using a homophobic slur. For shame, whoever you really are!
  18. @BrooklynNets are winning the East, led by the surprise free agent signing of @Nicholas
  19. @KatDennings is actually @Jac (seriously, look at "them")
  20. @evanp is actually a parody account run by my 6-month old son, Evan. He's very advanced.
  21. @olive is not a name, but the poetic exhortation "O! Live!"
  22. I love the ListApp and love all of you. My email address is Jakebrandman@gmail.com and please feel free to find me on Facebook
  23. @fats is my dad, not @dev's
  24. @rebeccaroanoke is actually living in Syria, West Virginia