We're all friends here, right?
  1. Most of my Star Wars knowledge when I was quite young (8ish?) came not from watching the movies very much but from reading Expanded Universe and, most crucially, the Character Guide.
  2. Before the movies were remastered on VHS (non-special edition), I didn't know that Leia had killed Jabba because that was cut out of the TV version of Jedi I had on tape.
  3. I choose to believe the Character Guide's assertion that Uncle Owen is Ben Kenobi's brother because that is much more interesting than the prequels' version.
  4. Whenever I see the language on computer screens in Star Wars, I convince myself for a second it looks like Hebrew
  5. During Force Awakens, I wasn't sure if that was Admiral Ackbar or if I was being racist against Mon Calamarians.
  6. I love Lin-Manuel, but didn't love his cantina music.
  7. Darth1 was my email address for much of middle school
  8. As much as I really want there to be LGBT representation in Star Wars, I think that deciding that two friends who have chemistry and are happy to see each other alive must be gay and/or part of a thruple is a little silly.
    Also, Finn is clearly hitting on Rey the entire movie. Did we forget this?
  9. I have a crush on Rey
  10. Jason Aaron's Star Wars comics might be better-written than any of the actual movies
    Read Luke's confrontation with Boba Fett for proof
  12. I've only seen the prequels once.
    The whole Anakin/Padmé love story annoyed me too much.
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  13. When the first prequel movie came out in theaters i went to the first showing and attempted to sell my childhood toys and comic books on the spot
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  14. I had never seen any of the films until 1 week before The Force Awakens opened & then I saw TFA three times in theaters. I also refuse to read any extended universe because I choose to only live in the movies 🙃🙈
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  15. I'm still in love with a boy who talked Yoda to me once. Also, I've shed tears while watching every single movie. They make me very emotional.
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  16. I lost my virginity in a motel watching Return of the Jedi #classy
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  17. When I was little I thought Star Wars was during a realistic PREHISTORIC time period - genuinely believed
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