All the cool kids are doing it
  1. Weeds
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    But this time: with crack
  2. Rugrats
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    But this time: piss and shit and spit-up goddamn EVERYWHERE!
  3. Just Shoot Me
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    But this time: it's a hardcore porn magazine. Also, there's assisted suicide (finally justifying the title)
  4. Golden Girls
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    But this time: with untreated gonorrhea, because old people don't give a fuck
  5. Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N Wrestling
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    But this time: episodes center on the time Hulk's kid almost killed a guy, his creepy relationship with his daughter and, obviously, his sex tape trial
  6. Comedy Central Roasts
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    But this time: with cannibalism
  7. Real Sex
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    But this time: with real sex
  8. You Can't Do That On Television
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    But this time: with stuff you actually can't do on television