Thank you to @kellydehoop, who might be threatening to stab me? Not sure what's going on with those emoji.
  1. Sleeping
    Not enough
  2. Playing with/watching Evan
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    Not a complaint, obviously. Look at that kid.
  3. Tutoring
    Because writing plays with drinking games doesn't pay da billz
  4. Sending my play to every theater company in the country
    And Canada! And Brussels! There are a lot of them!
  5. Watching pro wrestling in the morning in order to keep awake as I try to keep up with Evan at 630
    This is the only tv I've been watching. To be fair, it's pretty awesome.
  6. Working on a new play!
    Unfortunately, it's literally all in my head since I haven't had the time to actually write anything down
  7. Eating meals with @Jac
  8. That's it! That's where I've been!
  9. But where I will be...
  10. Is ListApp!
  11. I'm back!