Porn doesn't count. Because you don't read porn. Or maybe you do read porn. You do you. To be fair, there are some good writers and content on these sites, which is why I continue to read them.
  1. Huffington Post
    First of all, I'm able to figure out what emotions I have when reading news, so I don't need your headlines to say ""Horror!" or "Shock!" Second of all, Arianna Huffington, I know I need a fucking nap! I have a 13 month old!
  2. Gawker
    Arbitrary, often hypocritical outrage mixed with terrible journalistic instincts. Perfectly happy to blindly take other news sources as gospel, make snap judgments based on them (see: the stupid Meryl Streep film festival controversy) and take no responsibility when the resulting articles are proven wrong.
  3. Ain't It Cool News
    The writing is so, so, so bad. Also, no one actually needs to read them for scoops anymore because there are a trillion websites that report on the same things. Also also, helped create the frenzy for spoilers. It's one thing if you're analyzing trailers or marketing materials or action figures for information about a movie. It's another thing entirely when you're stealing scripts and sneaking on movie sets in the name of fandom. Who is that benefiting?
  4. Wrestling Inc.
    Did John Cena fart the other day? We have full coverage!!! To be fair, there are interesting articles on here, but three out of four articles are about random crap about random people who happen to be tangentially related to wrestling.
  5. Bleeding Cool - trashy clickbait comic book rumors and lamebrained analysis and I look at it 10 times a day
    Suggested by @tombatten
  6. Buzzfeed
    I basically get all my news here.
    Suggested by @drmom
  7. Betches Love This
    For reasons I hope are obvious.
    Suggested by @mvkeane
  8. Anything from the Google News Entertainment section
    Suggested by @queso