Because this would be way better than actually going to these websites
  1. Film Comment
    Film Society of Lincoln Center's official magazine. I want pretentious cinematic lists that we can laugh at/learn from.
  2. Criterion Collection
    I want trivia about obscure European art cinema and also all those such-and-such famous person picks his/her favorite Criterion movies lists, please.
  3. Fire Joe Morgan
    I know it technically doesn't exist anymore, but maybe in this wonderful scaled-down format, we can have glorious breakdowns of idiotic sportswriting?
  4. Deadspin
    Their rankings/underexplained lists series is pretty excellent, even if some psychopath put Milk and Honey Original Cafe Mix as his top cereal.
  5. Pornhub
    NOT FOR THAT REASON, PERVS! But because I'm always absolutely fascinated by the stats about their users and their searches they periodically put out. I know this sounds like reading playboy for the articles, but like, Hunter Thompson and Norman Mailer wrote for playboy...
  6. iO9
    Funky, obscure sci-fi lists, please!
  7. Adult Swim
    Because why not?
  8. Immaculate Infatuation!
    Suggested by @monikawoods