Obviously, Hank Scorpio would be the best
  1. The Joker
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    There would be a much higher probability of the Joker randomly killing you for shits and giggles than of any actual on-the-job injury (e.g. a Batman kick to the solar plexus). On the other hand, I'd bet it's a laugh-a-minute in the workplace
  2. Two Face
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    The worst kind of boss. Chill one minute, psychopathic the next. Not to mention, with all of the conflicting instructions he's giving, there's just no way to make him happy. Plus, he used to be a lawyer. Gross.
  3. Dr. Doom
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    You'd probably have to become a citizen of his shitty country just to work for him. There's also the constant anxiety that your job will be taken by a Doombot.
  4. The Green Goblin
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    Like Two Face, a split personality, but his "normal" side is a total asshole. After a few minutes, you'll be begging to hear from the psychotic goblin. On the plus side, I bet OsCorp has pretty good health insurance.
  5. Magneto
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    If you're not a mutant (and I assume you aren't), there's a very high probability of on-the-job discrimination and the MR (Mutant Relations) Dept. will likely be NO help in the matter.
  6. Galactus
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    Never, ever satisfied with your work. "I hunger!" "But, Galactus," you say. "I just got you a planet of 14 billion people to eat." "I HUNGER!" Ugh. On the plus side, you get called a herald, which is pretty badass
  7. Red Skull
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    Ew, fuck the Nazis.
  8. The Riddler
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    Nothing more frustrating than a boss who doesn't clearly lay out his expectations for you.
  9. Arcade.
    http://bit.ly/1Ncl0MW Congrats. You're the guy who gives out stuffed dogs at Murderworld.
    Suggested by @kellysue
  10. Cobra Commander
    He ALREADY has a limitlessly funded personal army and engineers that can build any technology he can imagine, so what is he even hoping to GAIN with world conquest? My theory is Cobra Commander is just in it for the military bases shaped like snakes. He's the world's first artist who expresses himself entirely in snake-themed bases. The world-conquering is simply to rationalize the base-building. If GI Joe just hired him to build them cool bases, problem totally solved.
    Suggested by @elanmastai