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  1. Exercise more
    Here's a cool thing I've discovered. When I move a lot, I tend to not feel horrible. I actually really enjoy working out, but I think maybe stepping up the intensity will keep it more interesting. I've been flirting with the idea of eventually running to work and back one day (about a half marathon, round-trip). Don't worry, we have showers at my office.
  2. Meditate
    I tend to have a better day or evening when I make the time to get my TM on (yes, I have something in common with Russell Brand, thankfully this is one of the only things). With this, it's a matter of timing. Finding 15-20 minutes to be still twice a day is actually kind of tricky when that's the same amount of time it takes traffic patterns to change on the way to the office or a job site. Still, it feels good man.
  3. Chill out at work
    It's pretty easy for me to get stressed out at work. I tend to get involved in a lot of projects at once and have to juggle my day to make sure I hit deadlines for all of them. This is not something special to me, it's what everyone does in my office. I just need to remember that everyone else is doing it, so it's possible to get it done without a panic attack.
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  1. Cowboy
    In keeping with my Midwest roots, I wanted to live in the (wiki wiki wild) Wild West and ride a horse and lasso the hell out of everything.
  2. Scientist
    Bill Nye is my spirit animal. He has been my spirit animal since I was 5.
  3. Astronaut
    One time I watched an episode of Bill Nye about space. I decided that being in space would be the coolest thing I could ever do. Then I saw Apollo 13. Sorry dreams, sometimes you really don't want to be whatever Tom Hanks is playing.
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