1. Exercise more
    Here's a cool thing I've discovered. When I move a lot, I tend to not feel horrible. I actually really enjoy working out, but I think maybe stepping up the intensity will keep it more interesting. I've been flirting with the idea of eventually running to work and back one day (about a half marathon, round-trip). Don't worry, we have showers at my office.
  2. Meditate
    I tend to have a better day or evening when I make the time to get my TM on (yes, I have something in common with Russell Brand, thankfully this is one of the only things). With this, it's a matter of timing. Finding 15-20 minutes to be still twice a day is actually kind of tricky when that's the same amount of time it takes traffic patterns to change on the way to the office or a job site. Still, it feels good man.
  3. Chill out at work
    It's pretty easy for me to get stressed out at work. I tend to get involved in a lot of projects at once and have to juggle my day to make sure I hit deadlines for all of them. This is not something special to me, it's what everyone does in my office. I just need to remember that everyone else is doing it, so it's possible to get it done without a panic attack.
  4. But also kick ass at work
    Being involved in a ton of projects means I can network and expand my skills, so that one day I may evolve from Staffichu to Managerchu (this is assuming that I also become a Pokemon).
  5. Try a food that doesn't include bacon
    Along the lines of that exercising thing, I should take care of myself by not eating whatever food I can find that has the highest concentration of bacon. I'm considering cutting down on meat, partially because it's not great for me but also because meat takes a lot of resources to make and distribute, which means it has a substantial impact on the earth. I don't need to be a full-time vegetarian, I just need to say "nah" when someone offers to put bacon on my steak.
  6. Maybe cook some meals of your own
    Dear Chipotle Employees, while I have loved eating the amazing food that you make, did you know that a burrito with guac and a bag of chips is $10.80? If I tried to make the same thing at home, I could easily make the same thing for probably like $4 a meal. This isn't about my health, for your food is nutritious and well-maintained. This is about my financial health. $10 a day for lunch is an expensive habit, one I need to ween myself off of. Sincerely, @jakeduhjake
  7. Go hike some nifty trails around Orange County
    *begins humming "There's a World Outside Your Apartment" from Avenue Q* In addition to having roughly 3000 Yogurtlands, Irvine and the surrounding cities have some dope hiking trails. I should get my shoes dirty on them this year.
  8. Take the train up to LA a couple times
    Travel is more fun if everyone involved has the opportunity to nap. A round trip ticket on Metrolink is about $22, meaning you could go to LA like six times before it cost as much as a Disneyland park hopper ticket. With food, culture, and legit museums, I'd argue it's a better investment for a week of exploring than a day of going on rides you've been on several times before (I grew up in SoCal, Disneyland was an annual ritual). Explore stuff and be like "woah, this is neat."