Created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975, Oblique Strategies are a deck of cards with creative suggestions printed on them. You pick a card and it should help to inspire and break creative blocks. These are some fake Oblique Strategies that I made up. None of these are real, but they could be.
  1. Desire new appetizers
  2. Consider a ghost
  3. Use a difficult hairstylist
  4. What would it be like if a baby hated you?
  5. Consult a distrustful physician
  6. Use some paste
  7. Stand in a trash can and think about what you did
  8. Consider fewer sassy comebacks
  9. Does it have to be so Jewish?
  10. Reverb
  11. A very small typo, leave it
  12. Maybe cocaine is a good idea
  13. Recuse yourself from the case
  14. Do YOU even give a shit?
  15. Call David Byrne and ask him 212-777-3456