Was scrolling through Instagram and saw a comment on someone's photo that was PERFECTLY fine, but because of MY issues, i went on a little journey!
  1. Immediately said out loud "Fuck yooooou!" I was talking to the Instagram comment as if it could hear me.
  2. Caught myself and said, "my reaction to this is stupid."
  3. Tweeted this:
    78d1ff35 47ef 469f 8b1c ee0d51169c28
  4. Immediately received a text from a friend who wanted the gossip!
  5. Went into the whole damn thing with my friend. They laughed at me and by God, they were right to. They were also very empathetic. It wasn't gossip by the way, it was me being a sensitive and beautiful soul!
  6. Got a text from ANOTHER friend. Wow, I have good friends!
  7. Posted this list, which really doesn't reveal anything about what upset me in the first place and what exactly my feelings are, but I think we can all identify with the PROCESS and that's really what this is about.
  8. Put on the directors commentary of the out of print "Sid and Nancy" Criterion DVD and hoped sleep would come soon.