When it's time for me to start writing a new thing, this is how it goes...
  1. Take In The Notes!
    I know some people have nightmarish notes situations, but so far, I've been very lucky. The notes I've been getting on the show I'm writing are all great. I get them, immediately say, "I'm on it" and then get down to business!
  2. Immediately Procrastinate!
    Sure need to straighten up the apartment. I'm gonna need to order that from Amazon so I can watch it later for reference. Oh my god, I can't believe what they're saying on the Internet, I am outraged!!
  3. Open Microsoft Word/Final Draft
    Today, I'm in Microsoft Word because I'm working on an outline. Right away, I'll start typing little one or two line sentences. Maybe it's dialogue, it could be shorthand for what I know is a fully fleshed out scene, but I am writing something. It's all garbage!!!
  4. Spotify Time!
    Time to start listening to all the music I want to use that there is absolutely no way a network can afford!!!
  5. Pacing!
    Not really typing anything, but doing a lot of pacing and ruminating on ideas. I've convinced myself this a productive part of the process.
  6. Lip Syncing/Singing!
    Frankly, I deserve it.
  7. What's So And So Up To?
    I should probably check in with a friend and see what's going on! This can be a phone call, gchat or even a face to face lunch! This will go on way longer than it should.
  8. Think About The Past/The Future
    I'm in a really good place with all of my ex-girlfriends. Sometimes it still hurts, but it's okay. What if I win an Emmy/never work again? Anything is possible!
  9. Location Change!
    I'm so stupid to think I would ever get work done at my house/the office. I am going to go back home/to the office and really get to work!
  10. Twitter!
    What a cesspool, I'm too good for this.
  11. Write ANYTHING else!
    Like, a LIST perhaps? Good, that's cleared my head, now I'm gonna get some work done!
  12. Actually Get Some Work Done!
    Yes!!! I am a genius!!!
  13. Doubt Self!!!
    No, I am an idiot!!!!
  14. Convert to PDF!
    What a terrific file format.