1. First off, they're spooky.
  2. I saw a cartoon once where a bunch of skeletons danced. It gave me the creeps.
  3. Know what skeletons are made of? A bunch of damn bones. Thanks, but no thanks.
  4. Here's that cartoon I was telling you about with the skeletons. I do NOT care for this.
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  5. I associate skeletons with jazz for some reason and it freaks me out.
  6. When I think about skeletons, they're always laughing and the laughter is sarcastic.
  7. That joke where someone goes into a waiting room and there's a skeleton there? I've seen that joke too many times.
  8. The Crypt Keeper seems like an asshole.
  9. The Grateful Dead use a lot of skeleton iconography. Those beatniks in The Grateful Dead need to shape up or ship out. And take their damn skeletons with them.
  10. Skeletons straight up give me the heebie-jeebies. Get outta here with those things.