1. When people walk in a large formation in the hall... And don't let me through.
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    Foot traffic should function similarly to driving cars. Stick to the right and pass on the left, unless you're in a no passing zone.
  2. When people are terrible at parking
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    Do they not understand the chain of bad parking they are about to cause? Given, it's not always the person's fault who's parked next to you. Whoever sucked at parking first is to blame.
  3. When people share click bait on Facebook
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    You almost always can expect it. It never shocks you. How do we even know their true? They never come from reliable sources.
  4. When people say lets hang out/get together but don't actually mean it
    I'm not offended if they don't actually want to see me, because I also probably don't want to see them, but are you kidding me right now? This is why small talk is a terrible thing. It encourages people to say these meaningless things.
  5. When people use the word "bubbler"
    What a terrible word to describe a fountain where you drink water. I'm not sure I've ever seen one "bubble" or make any bubbles. I can think of two better names--drinking fountain and/or water fountain.
  6. When the try hards are playing harder in a pick up game of basketball than I do in a recreational intramural league
    Seriously? I'd like to be able to get out of my bed tomorrow morning if that's alright with you.
  7. When I accumulate massive amounts of debt from college and my professor spends 99% of the class talking about his own accomplishments, political views, and can't even write complete sentences on our homework. I couldn't even complete my last assignment it was so terribly unclear.