Because I certainly don't want to be me for any longer than I have to
  1. Literally anybody on the International Space Station
    Because space and really cool science!
  2. President Obama
    I wanna find out what he knows about aliens because if they're on earth he's the guy who would know
  3. Oprah Winfrey
    I love bread. I'd eat all the bread I could and nobody would question
  4. Donald J. Trump
    Is it technically stealing if I give away all his money to myself and also charity but I'm him?
  5. Stephen Amell
    I have a man crush on him because he's the Green Arrow and super cool and badass
  6. Grant Gustin
    Similar to my crush on Stephen but slightly different but I wanna be the Flash so yeah
  7. Calvin Harris
    Honestly I don't know almost anything about him other than he's handsome, seems super cool, and he's dating Taylor Swift so yeah good enough for me
  8. Ryan Reynolds
    Because he's awesome and also because Blake Lively