I'm a 22 year old substitute teacher and that leads to strange interactions with teenagers because they don't really see me as a teacher or authority. I might add to this over time if I can
  1. "You're only 22, you're so young! We could get married!"
  2. "Let me follow you on instagram!"
    This one is basically daily because I have it set to private and they stalk me
  3. "Faceswap with me!"
    Also basically daily
  4. They like telling me about horribly inappropriate things they've done, like
    One kid told me about how he got drunk and vomited so hard he blew blood vessels in his eyes
  5. Learn my first name and act like it's super weird that I have a first name
  6. Ask me about drug use even though they would never ask their regular teachers
  7. "Can you buy me beer?"
    Lol no
  8. Take weird snapchats of me
  9. Improv a 15 minute song about cheesecake and me eating cheesecake in a guitar class
  10. (Entire class of freshmen) "DAB DAB DAB"
    Turns out this is also a dance move and they aren't talking about drugs. And they really want to see me dab
  11. Ask me to prom
    Okay this one was a joke because I know her older brother but still
  12. Ask if they can fight another student
    Then claim it's okay because "It's just Greg" or whatever
  13. Literally scream when they find out I'm the sub
    Humble brag or brag brag? we may never know